Luxe, Masculine Dressing With Feminine Twist In Antonio Berardi Pre-Fall 2015

Antonio Berardi presents the latest pre-Fall 2015 season’s collection of beautiful womenswear made in masculine dressing and luxe, feminine twist. You are going to see tailored looks with sculptural shapes that amazed me with its unusual cut, amazing textures and decorations. I love the business style apparel that is an ideal wardrobe from Monday to Friday wearing, while the evening looks are great for wearing at cocktail parties and formal events. The color palette of Berardi’s transitional season are grey, black and fiery red. The showcased outfits are made for modern day women, who want to look professional and elegant without risking with their nature beauty. That’s why Berardi used traditional masculine silhouettes adding an individual, feminine spin. All in all, Antonio Berardi offers functional and wearable staples that will surely make any lady, woman to stand out among a crowd.

Luxe, Masculine Dressing With Feminine Twist In Antonio Berardi Pre Fall 2015 picture

This collection has lots of interesting, business-appropriate looks. For instance, we see a light grey plaid vest and pleated, flared trouser combination that is ideal for working hours and formal meetings.

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Liana Haute Couture 2014-2015 Wedding Gowns

Liana Haute Couture 2014/2015 Wedding Gowns

Liana Haute Couture is an Israeli bridal house headed by Liana Michali. With over 28 years of experience, Liana continues to create exquisite couture pieces for her brides. Here is her 2014/2015 collection of wedding gowns. Enjoy!

Liana Haute Couture 2014/2015 Bridal Dresses Collection:

Wedding dress with long lace
Liana Haute Couture 2014/2015 Wedding Gowns picture

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Adriana Barra Summer 2015 Lookbook

Adriana Barra Summer 2015 Lookbook picture

The Brazilian textile designer, Adriana Barra, famous for her vibrant prints which feature predominantly tropical flowers, exotic birds, animals and elaborate ornaments. This is her Summer 2015 lookbook, featuring Brazilian model Ana Bela Santos.

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Aline Weber for Vogue China Collection by Matt Irwin

Aline Weber for Vogue China Collection by Matt Irwin picture

Top model Aline Weber stars in 70s Revival story captured for the December 2014 edition of Vogue China Collections by fashion photographer Matt Irwin. In charge of styling was Ondine Azoulay with hair by Nicolas Jurnjack and makeup by Christine Corbel.

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YUNE HO Spring-Summer 2015 Fashion

YUNE HO Spring Summer 2015 Fashion picture

Keep it modern, sporty and boyish. What is so special about Yune Ho? I personally felt in love with designer’s fun and boyfriends looks. Brooklyn based designer keeps it tailored and very detailed by offering its clientelle everyday essentials that can be used for rush hours. Just imagine yourself getting late at very important meeting, what you do? You take the skateboard and make it as fast as you can. But you need practical clothing that will make you move freely without feeling jammed. Thanks to YUNE HO you can have yourself a qualitative and very modern apparel.

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Martha Hunt by David Bellemere for Vogue Spain January 2015

Martha Hunt by David Bellemere for Vogue Spain January 2015 picture

Vogue Spain January 2015
Photographer: David Bellemere
Stylist: Marina Gallo
Hair: Maxime Mace
Makeup: Tatsu Yamanaka
Model: Martha Hunt

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Ellery SS 2015 Paris Collection photo 31

Ellery S/S 2015 Paris Collection

Ellery Spring/Summer 2014 | PARIS Fashion Week PFW

PARIS – FashionTV brings you the Ellery Spring/Summer 2014 show at Paris Fashion Week. This is the first time Kym Ellery will showcase her brand titled Emery at Paris Fashion Week. Kym is the third Australian designer to ever be invited to show during Paris Fashion Week. Typically Ellery shapes were poignant in the collection, with strapless dresses and flared silhouettes strong throughout. Inspired by ’70s architecture, the range’s decadent theme is clear in the color choices — claret, garnet, black, white, soft nudes and slivers of metallic. Rich textures — silk organza, metallic striped gauze, wood-grain lamé, satin foam and hand sewn netted sequins — all added depth to the sculptural silhouettes.

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Female Power Dressing Now Extends To Watches

Female Power Dressing Now Extends To Watches picture

I first entered the workplace as a graduate back in the 1980’s when women were just starting to get a serious foothold in the business world. In the era of the yuppie when getting on was paramount and consumerism exploded, women were starting to see career possibilities open up for them. The plum jobs were, however, still largely in the possession of the males of the species and so power dressing became one modus operandi for women who wanted to get on.

The Way to Get On

In those days power dressing largely meant sharp suits, large shoulder pads and a great deal of conspicuous spending. Things are little more classy and restrained now but women are still carefully structuring their personal look to send out the right signals and that includes choosing the right accessories. A designer handbag is still the perfect partner for an aspirational outfit but so it seems is a high end watch.

The Personal Statement

Even the recession couldn’t dampen consumer’s enthusiasm for a good watch. In the technological age where we all have a plethora of gadgets to help us keep on track, the watch has become a fashion accessory, a status symbol and a personal statement. This trend was largely confined to men until recently when women woke up to the attractions of fine timepieces and the manufacturers seeking growth turned their sights to the female market. The opportunities in China began to dry up after a crackdown on corruption prevented the provision of costly inducements to facilitate business deals. The watchmakers changed tack and started addressing their efforts at the women of the world and so far the new marketing tactic is working.

The Masculine Look

Now a great watch is a must have addition to serious business attire. Female High flyers in the City can be seen sporting their Cartier’s, Rolex’s and Patek Philippe’s and they are not opting for sparkly, decorative or feminine numbers they are choosing more overtly masculine pieces to make their statements.

Power Dressing for the Modern Era

Powerful women are not rushing for the diamonds but are rather choosing larger cases with simple but elegant looks. In short the kind of timepieces that their male colleagues would lust over as well. They are rejecting girly looks in favour of quality, simplicity and traditional values in their subtle but unmistakeable fashion statements.

Meaning Business

Those whose budgets preclude an investment in high end marques are nonetheless investing in quality watches from more affordable ranges with the same stylistic features. Whether a woman can finance a Rolex, a Michael Kors or a Tissot, power dressing means going large but classic and saving the sparkly stuff for social occasions. A woman’s choice of timepiece can show she means business in a man’s world and women are fighting for their corner by sporting the same aspirational accessories that the men most desire.

Personally I didn’t wear a watch back in the 1980’s and I don’t wear one now. Does this explain why I am not running a multi-national? I don’t know but it would appear than many women believe that the right watch will help their chances of success.

Sally Stacey is a keen writer and business women who curiously does not wear a watch!

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